Gorgeous Medical & Therapeutic Team

In our center you will find a team of professionals with extensive experience in the treatment of addictions. Our staff is composed of psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, educators, therapists and health workers. 

Our medical team Formed by professionals with extensive and proven professional record

Treatment in spanish and english

The Addiction Treatment Center MonteAlminara is the only one in Spain that gives the full treatment bilingually. The therapy is offered by Anglo-Saxon native or Spanish professionals who speak the native language and cultural field from the same patients.

Treatment individualize

Our specialists provide individualized attention. Each patient receives a personalized treatment, adjusted to your private and professional life.

Rafael Campos Cloute Medical Director

Private and exclusive center

The number of patients is limited and the treatments are exclusive. We work with utmost discretion, thus preserving the anonymity of patients and families. 

Professionalism and experience

Our team is composed of physicians with expertise in addiction problems and pathologies.

Facilities and environment

Our facilities are spacious and cozy. They are nestled in a setting overlooking the sea and the mountains.

Privacy and discretion

We protect the privacy of our patients and their families throughout therapy.

Personalized treatments

We offer customized services appropriate to the needs treatment and patient characteristics.

24 Hour healthcare

We have a multidisciplinary team that provides assistance 24 hours to ensure the welfare of patients.


People with addictions require specialized care by a medical-therapeutic team with expertise in different areas of health and psychology of the individual.

In MonteAlminara center we are specialized and multidisciplinary professionals involved in the treatment of addiction. We are one of the best rehabilitation centers in Marbella, Velez Malaga, Ronda and Antequera..

We treat addictions to substances like drugs (cannabis, pills, cocaine, heroin ...), snuff or alcohol and gambling addictions (gambling), sex or new technologies (video games, mobile and internet). We guarantee excellence in drug treatment and rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation centers in Marbella, Velez Malaga, Ronda and Antequeraare intended to ensure that the patient can live happily without resorting to drugs and not be afraid to reintegrate into society.

To ensure successful treatment, we conducted structured assistance interventions tailored to the needs of the affected. In MonteAlminara we promote the person with the addiction problem have a better quality of life.

The treatment begins with the initial consultation. The process consists of the evaluation of the addict, their diagnosis and subsequent intervention. The medical team provides ongoing care for the affected and the mood remains rehabilitated after treatment.

From our rehabilitation centers in Marbella, Velez Malaga, Ronda and Antequera we believe that to overcome addiction the first step is to assume the disease. In addition, we emphasize the importance of the affected family tip over with him, helping him to forget his addiction and to reintegrate into society.

Meet our center:

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